Cartagena Docks

Just over an hour's drive from Valle del Este to the North East is Cartagena. A coastal city, it has been the home of the Spanish navy for over 200 years. Cartagena has been inhabited for over 2000 years having been founded around 220 BC by the Romans. Much of its historical interest today is Roman although Cartagena also has a wide variety of architectural styles with Baroque and Art Nouveau buildings in the city together with the usual Spanish abundance of churches and cathedrals.

Roman Amphitheatre and Cathedral of Santa María la Vieja, Cartagena, Spain

The most spectacular of the city's archaeological sites is the Roman Amphitheatre dating from 2BC and it’s recently opened adjoining museum. Sitting atop part of the amphitheatre are the ruins of the Cathedral of Santa María la Vieja, irreparably damaged during the Civil War in 1939. It was only during building works close to the cathedral in 1988 the amphitheatre was actually discovered.

Cartagena, Spain

Among the early 20th Century Art Nouveau buildings is the City Hall opposite the Apmphitheatre museum entrance. Various street art is also displayed in this area paying tribute to Cartagena's naval past. The streets around the City Hall inlcude many bars and cafes still serving traditinal tapas with drinks.

Cartagena, Spain